Who is jay varcoe?

Life-time learning is at my core. I was raised in State College, PA. This academic atmosphere in my developmental years may have influenced my advocacy for a life with continuous learning and a genuine thirst for knowledge. I received my Bachelor degree in Business and Behavioral Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University and my Masters of Business Administration degree from Arizona State University. I have received my coaching training from iPEC. I am currently an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University.

I had a 28 year accounting career before deciding to become an Entrepreneur Coach in the summer of 2018. I worked as a Hotel Controller for Marriott Hotels in Los Angeles, California and University Park, Maryland before obtaining my Certified Public Accounting license. My time as a Controller with Marriott put a customer first attitude in everything that I do and I also learned a great deal about leading and communicating with people. I worked for prominent CPA firms in both Bethesda, Maryland and Phoenix, Arizona before my entrepreneurial spirit took a hold of me in 1998. It was this spirit that led me to create my own firm so that I could assist small businesses and their owners with accounting, financial analysis, budgeting and the myriad of taxes that small business owners must comply with. I have always been an advocate for small businesses because I feel like they are the backbone of our country and I truly value the independence and autonomy that are embodied by small businesses. What set my firm apart from other accounting firms was my emphasis on being my client’s most trusted advisor. I did not just prepare tax returns. I helped my clients to interpret their company’s financial results by teaching them how to read their financial reports and I helped them to understand how their company was performing by benchmarking to industry averages. As a Certified Public Accountant: honesty, integrity and professionalism became engrained into my personality.

I value Commitment. I do what I say and I see it through. A proud example of Commitment in my life was running the Rock and Roll Marathon in January of 2014 at the age of 45. Commitment to months of training and enduring 26.2 painful miles to achieve that goal will be something that I never forget.

On a more personal note, I believe that life is a journey to be experienced and I enjoy my journey with my wife, Robyn as well as my two children, Allyson and Joey. My Chocolate Lab, Cocoa Chanel and my Chihuahua, Missy also add some richness to my life at home. For hobbies, I enjoy athletics and hiking and I particularly enjoy playing soccer. Some of my most fond memories are associated with coaching my kid’s soccer teams when they were younger. As for my future, in addition to helping entrepreneurs succeed, I am looking forward to traveling and experiencing other cultures while simply just enjoying the ride.

I was in a rut

Why I Coach

The short answer of why I coach is that Coaching techniques and philosophies have put a spark in my life so I have been inspired to use these techniques to help improve the lives of other fellow Entrepreneurs. I help successful small business owners to break through plateaus because I was a successful small business owner who broke through a plateau and now I am living an optimal life that is lived as I choose to live it. My mission is to Connect, Educate, Empower, Support and Inspire Arizona Entrepreneurs so that they can take their small business to the next level of success.

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