Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die

What changes are you making in your business (or life) to adapt to the new normal?

Radical change may be necessary to continue to thrive but if you think about it, we always have needed to make continuous adjustments or be left behind.  My coaching school, iPEC, introduced me to the Foundation Principle, “We Either Grow or We Die”.  Although this principle may hold true now more than ever before, it still applies to life even in calmer times with less upheaval.  Successful business owners are continuously making changes in order to survive.

For some, the task ahead may seem insurmountable and they may find themselves longing for the past.  Feeling like a victim is understandable given the lack of control over the situation and how radically life has changed. Although it is understandable, will simply wishing for the good ol’ days turn the clock back? 

Others are angry and want to blame other people for losing their past way of life.  Looking for someone to blame and becoming angry are also natural reactions but how will these reactions spark the creativity and foresight necessary to move forward in the new environment?

There are opportunities unveiled in every situation and I am not talking about the people who bought up all of the toilet paper in order to sell it on Amazon for $70 per 12 roll pack.  I am talking about win-win situations that have not yet been explored in this virgin territory.  Habits have been permanently changed so people’s wants and needs have also shifted.  With this new dynamic comes new pockets for growth.

Opportunities do not just end, they shift.  The key is to open up to a broader perspective in order to see the shift and quickly respond.

Fighting for the past and feeling victimized are normal reactions when your opportunity seems to have vanished but moving beyond self-interest will enable you to open your field of view so that you can see the new path ahead.

If you feel like your opportunities have closed, perhaps it is a good time to define what you are striving for.  What is your definition of success?  How will you know if you have achieved it?  How else could you attain success?  There are always many routes to your desired destination.

Also, how do you sustain success when the world is always changing? 

Another iPEC Foundation Principle is “The Only Constant is Change”. 

You may be facing some radical changes to your old way of life but with the right mindset that is open to creativity, you will find your path.  There are tremendous opportunities available in the changed landscape so the question is will you adapt or die?

I am a business coach who helps successful small business owners to break through plateaus. If you are currently feeling stuck or not sure how to move forward, I have many techniques that can lead you to your answers.  One technique is Energy leadership.  The concepts of Energy Leadership can open your mind to new sustainable opportunities in any environment.  Please call, e-mail or send me a message on LinkedIn if you would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more about Energy Leadership and how it might help you to find your path to success.