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My coaching services might be helpful to you if you are an entrepreneur with a business that is at least a few years old and you are relatively proud of your accomplishments but you are at a stage where you would like re-ignite success to drive your small business to the next level.

Here are a few of the benefits that are possible from Business Coaching:
      • Increasing sales by nearly 10%
      • Lowering prime costs by 2% dropping 20,000 to the bottom line
      • Hiring talented staff aligned with your company values
      • Increasing the effectiveness of training and on-boarding new hires
      • Increasing employee retention by just over 20%
      • Creating a strategic partnership resulting in exponential growth
      • Changing the culture of your business
      • Creating a new service or product line
      • Increased efficiency through work flow management and just in time inventory
      • Creating and implementing a succession plan for the business

The idea behind the power of coaching is that you are actually the best consultant to hire in order to solve your businesses issues.  You know your business inside and out.  You are the premier expert in your field and you have the answers within you.  Coaching draws upon your power to reach solutions and the coaching relationship pushes you forward to success.  We work together to take your thought process to places that you might not go on your own which can unleash ideas that will be unique to you and your business generating optimum success customized to you.

Why Does Coaching Work?

What is Business Coaching?

Before starting my training with iPEC to become a certified coach, I had not heard much about coaching and I have found that there seems to still be a significant amount of confusion about what the profession of coaching is.  The International Coach Federation defines Coaching as follows:  Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  As an Entrepreneur Coach, I specialize in coaching small business owners.

Coaching is not Consulting.  Consultants provide answers to clients.  A Consultant’s agenda is to provide their solutions and try to influence the implementation of those solutions toward success.  A coach does not provide solutions but in what I refer to as a combined space, I will guide your thought process toward a solution but I have no agenda or thoughts about the solution from my perspective.  I will provide consulting in some areas as needed but I will not consult during a coaching session.

Coaching is not Mentoring.  Mentors are more of a role model.  Mentors have “been there and done that” so they can “show you the ropes”.  Mentors provide answers based upon what was successful for them.  Coaches do not provide answers because you are the expert of your life and your business.  I will provide some mentoring related to my work experience and what has worked well for me but I will not mentor during a coaching session.

Coaching is not Therapy.  A Therapist helps clients to fix problems, overcome issues and sometimes manage mental illness.  Coaches do not work with mental illness nor spend much time looking to the past for answers to problems.  Coaches look forward toward opportunities and solutions rather than at history in order to find solutions to client issues.  In coaching, the past is only utilized as a growing or learning tool and only relevant if it is part of the present situation.  We may “release some energy” from the past but this is so that we can move forward.  Oftentimes, Therapy will move a client from Dis-functional to Functional whereas coaching moves clients from Functional to Optimal.

Although there are some similarities between Business Coaching and Sports Coaching, Sports Coaching usually focuses on a win or lose scenario but we will often look toward win-win scenarios in our coaching sessions.

Coaching is different than friendship because friends usually have their own agenda.  Friends provide advice but often their own lives are effected by your choices related to that advice.  It is valuable to have a strong support network of friends but coaching provides an unbiased relationship which is objective and nonjudgmental.

Learn more about this little flower during our sessions.

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