Jay Varcoe Entrepreneur Coach Website Privacy and Data Usage Policy

To those inquiring about my website privacy and data usage policy:

Let’s put this in plain language: The bottom line is that the foundation of a coaching relationship is trust.

Any information about you or your company that you share with me through my website is kept confidential between me and you as far as I am concerned.

Your information will never be shared by me to third parties and it is not used for marketing purposes other than my initial invitation to join my e-mail community which will be included in my initial response to your inquiry.

My e-mail community is maintained by the service provider, Mail Chimp. Please see the Mail Chimp privacy policy to see how they keep the data secure and how they might use the data. I send my e-mails out to my audience through Mail Chimp so that my subscribers may keep up with what I am doing and hopefully I can help them get through some type of plateau by receiving my e-mails. I encourage anyone who would not like to receive these e-mails to unsubscribe because there is no benefit to me in sending an e-mail to someone who does not want it.

One more thing: The people helping me with my website tell me that I will probably be using Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides anonymous reporting of site usage. No personalized data is stored. If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics monitoring your behavior on our website please use this link: Google Analytics Opt-out.

I could have provided a policy with the usual legalize but would you have read it? Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to try to address them.


Jay Varcoe