Transcendent Peer Boards

Have you heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one”? Well, how about 10 heads? This is the idea behind Transcendent Peer Boards. It is the idea that the whole of the group is greater than the sum of the parts.

Approximately 10 Chief Executive Officers/Owners of non-competing successful small businesses meet once per month for roundtable discussions that harness the power of these 10 successful leaders in their respective industries to tackle the relevant and pressing issues facing each of the members. These meetings reveal different benefits to each member and should be experienced in order to understand the synergy created by the group but just scratching the surface of the benefits, ask yourself, “what new ideas could I generate to address my current issues when I have the power of 9 additional, new perspectives on a problem coming from 9 successful leaders in their respective industries?” Also, think about how motivating it would be to accomplish a task when you committed to do the task in front of 9 of your peers. Most likely, you will be successful on your own but perhaps you can accomplish your goals faster with the power of Transcendent Peer Boards. “The group is greater than the sum of the parts.”

The Details:

We meet once per month rotating the location of the meeting to each board member’s place of business (or location of their choosing). The meetings are from 8am to noon so that there is enough time on the meeting day to significantly address the issues that we will be discussing while also allowing enough time in the day so that you can still keep on top of your small business. In between meetings, you will meet with me for a one on one coaching and consulting session at the location of your choosing.

How Transcendent peer boards work

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