What did you think when you saw empty shelves?

What did you think when you saw empty shelves?

On Monday morning, I went to my usual grocery store to pick up a few items for the week.  I knew that people were preparing for the Coronavirus pandemic and many would be stocking up with supplies for their social distancing as requested by our government but I truly realized the extent to which people were being affected by the situation when I saw the empty shelves throughout the store.  There must have been a rush upon supplies earlier that morning.  Last week I noticed Costco’s bottled water and toilet paper aisle was cleared out and I didn’t think much about it but this time, at my neighborhood Fry’s, the bread aisle was empty, produce was scarce, canned goods were limited and notices were placed to ration ground beef, ground turkey, eggs andW milk among other items.  This is certainly a situation that I have never experienced before and it is beginning to remind me of the initial episodes of “Fear The Walking Dead”. 

Many people were acting out of the ordinary, although I guess it is not so unusual given the situation.  I saw some shoppers constantly wiping down everything they touched and repeatedly wiping their hands with disinfecting cloths.  Many shoppers had gloves and masks.  I saw anxious children who must have sensed that something was different. 

At that time, a number of thoughts ran through my head.  Some thoughts caused me to become more anxious.  Some thoughts were more introspective.  Some thoughts were related to helping other people and some thoughts were more spiritual in nature.

What were your thoughts when you saw the shelves empty at your favorite grocery store and the magnitude of this pandemic really sunk in? As an energy leadership coach, I categorize my thoughts based upon 7 different energy levels.  Which of these comments would most closely resemble how you reacted?

1)  This pandemic is really happening and I am doomed!  I am not just going to be infected by the Coronavirus but without toilet paper, I might have skid-marks in my underpants too!

2)  That’s It!  I am going to be the first one in line tomorrow morning so that I can stock up before anyone else can get anything. 

3)  Thank goodness I have enough for now.  Things should settle down and I can try again tomorrow to get what I might need.  If I really need something, maybe a neighbor or friend can help.

4)  I hope everyone who needs something is able to get it.  I feel sorry for the people who need to hoard supplies.  I hope they feel less anxious now.  I wonder how I can help other people in their time of need?

5)  What are the opportunities here?  There must be some opportunities to help people and at the same time, also help myself.  (For example: write an article to help people to see that there are different perspectives of the situation and at the same time, connect with people as a coach 😊)

6) This is an interesting situation that I have never experienced before.  I wonder how the world will change after this pandemic. 

7) Life is amazing and it is an experiential and illusory experiment.  I will manifest an outcome if I choose to do so.  I have an idea for an alternative to toilet paper!

Each and every one of these reactions are perfectly understandable and normal reactions depending upon your background, experiences and beliefs.  There are certainly no right or wrong ways to react to a situation like the one that we are in but studies have shown that people tend to have more satisfaction with their lives when they think and resonate at higher energy levels.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current situation, energy leadership is one technique that that might reveal some different perspectives that could help you feel differently. 

Our thoughts create and trigger emotions which in turn lead to our actions.  Controlling our thought patterns and exploring different perspectives to the same situation can help to reduce anxiety because we discover that there is a wider array of options at our disposal than we had originally realized. 

Given our current crisis, many people are feeling overwhelmed.  Talking it through with a non-judgmental and unbiased coach while exploring some other perspectives might help so I would like to offer a free 1-hour coaching session to anyone who would like some coaching through this challenging time.  I look forward to talking to you!